Investment (in yourself)


€ 125,- (incl. VAT)

During this conversation we get acquainted with one another by you telling me what the issue is and/or what it is you want to transform. I will tell you a little bit about my background and explain how I work. Then we decide how we continue, we may schedule a couple of appointments in advance. Experience has shown that this conversation can already lead to a breakthrough and could be sufficient.


€   95,-  per hour (incl. VAT)

This is the real work; we will converse and perhaps we will do a couple of excersises. The costs concerning overtime will be added on in periods of fifteen minutes to the next.

There are a few ways to cover (a part of) the costs. Please contact me if you’d like further information.



Companies can contact me for a personal conversation about pricing.

Telephone: 0648 978 308

While you’re here …

Donations (for other people)

I have assisted many people in their proceses for free throughout the years, but that’s not possible for me to continue. I request you to contribute to those who can’t afford this, but are eager to transform themselves and their lives into something powerful and worth living.

Just imagine every person you encounter being
self-empowered, coming from a place of using their talents, and their essential qualities, which leads to a healthy community, a powerful city, and a positive energy into the world, where we can focus on the nicer things in life; truly living instead of surviving.


Gidget Mau-Asam
M: 06 48 978 308


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