Inspiring people to find their true potential by showing them how to create new ways to empower themselves.

When I need to describe what I do it’s almost impossible to grasp the essence. You can compare it with explaining to someone what it is to be pregnant when you’ve never had that experience yourself. Please see for yourself and then tell ME how to describe it. I’ve asked my clients to explain what happened when they had a breakthrough, but even they can not put their finger on it. Words just fall short.

I compare it with bursting bubbles.

Here’s my best shot: I just become quiet inside and listen to what you’re expressing and saying. It’s like I’m becoming you and I can vividly be in your situation as if I’m actually there. I am often so in tune with you that I can become emotional. I am pragmatic and down to earth while presenting even the most complicated situations in a comprehensible, startlingly clear way.

I almost never tell someone what to do; rather I will assist them to be free of what is in the way of their own (spiritual) sight so they will be able to make choices from freedom and clarity rather than fear or the automatic pilot.


I allow my clients to leave sessions with greater possibilities, clarity and self-love. They become empowered to make decisions and take actions which are truly self-supportive and in alignment with their (higher) Self.

There are sessions in where I only ask questions and sometimes I tell an anecdote so you can relate and recognise it in your own situation. My coaching techniques and methods are a mixture of Kolb, Mindfulness, Korthagen, communication and behavioural techniques, and more.

Regardless of the technique or method, I genuinely care and create an extremely open and honest space for you to discover ALL of yourself. The involvement lies in teaching how to cope with life and also with the spiritual interpretation of being human. Every person should be taught to stand on their own two feet and to find their own survival and their own expression, rather than leaning just on another person or system.


Obstacles are opportunities for growth and collective problem-solving.


Gidget Mau-Asam
M: 06 48 978 308


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