Why me?

Gidget Mau-Asam

Self-Empowerment Coach | Teacher | Counsellor

I am an expert in cleaning up messes and empowering the Self. Coach of the Self, if you will.

As a coach I place a great emphasis on the individual’s ability to find the answers to their issues within themselves. The counsellor in me also looks at the underlying problem; emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours and tries to get these aligned (again). And then the teacher shows you how to reach the preferred outcomes by giving personal exercises. All of this is due to my creative personality, my way of thinking outside the box, my education plus my own traumatic and turbulent past.

Because of my past my empathic abilities are heightened and therefore I’m able to analyse and recognise clients situations rather efficiently and quickly leaving the person inspired, empowered, and moved into action. Going through your process I’m your number one supporter. You will become self-aware via language, behaviour, and attitudes.

I have that power, passion, and ability to intensely investigate what seems like unsolvable problems.

Some people only had one or a couple of severe incidents in their lives to overcome. I had numerous from an early age onwards. Looking back, I see that life groomed me to the day I recently decided to coach people for a living. I use all these tools for your own breakthroughs, your exploration of your potential, and your goals. So in a way you also get to know me, that’s something where I differ from other coaches.

Why you?

I personally detest labels. Each person has his or her shortcomings, problems and weaknesses, AND their strengths, their own character, motivation, and perseverance, therefore each case has its own course of action.

It’s not a question about right or wrong rather improvement, interpret it as how a professional sportsman looks at himself.

“Well, what’s your Unique Selling Point, then?” or “Who is your target market?”, “Why should they come to you?”, “How are they going to find you, you need to distinguish yourself?” blah blah blah … Basically, I help anyone, from teenager onwards, who wants to be helped, everybody who is fed up walking around with their heart on their sleeve, who’s given the runaround, somebody who still doesn’t see any change after years of therapy, and people who are content, but feel something lacking or want to explore something new and don’t know how or what. I am there for souls who’ve lost their compass. Everything that entails YOU, whether it’s a big or a small topic.

Already within the first few sessions you will notice the pieces of Self put back together, becoming whole, understanding yourself better, and having a great inner feeling. Almost like being reborn.

But if you insist on a list with bullet points:

  • Mental or emotional strain
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression/Suicide
  • Restlessness
  • Bad habits
  • No sense of purpose, wishes, and desires
  • Loss
  • Shame
  • Conflicts
  • (regularly) on sick leave
  • Stressed out (from work)
  • Insecurity
  • Sorrow

I regularly work with people who have been dealing with the same issue(s) for more than five years, unnecessary, I might add, and leaving within six sessions totally different. You can see this for instance in their posture, faces, and expression. They behave in a successful and powerful manner and they really feel better.

This is the time to be yourself, but it’s also the time to become conscious of who you are. It is one thing to be yourself; it is another to know yourself. When you truly know yourself, you are resilient and powerful and able to handle anything or anyone coming at you. Coming from your true authentic Self is more substantial then buying yet another Gucci shirt ;-). Knowing yourself is what makes you strong and beautiful.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards empowering yourself, let’s talk.

Depression is a call to action.

Who to?

Something important I want to share with you in your search:

I urge you to really listen to your gut feeling when choosing a therapist. Be aware of how you feel. Does it feel good? Keep on searching until you finally find someone who resonates with your inner being. Don’t let anybody force you into or on to someone you don’t have a good feeling about.

You don’t want someone who just sits there and listens. Choose a therapist who tells you like it is. …That’s me.

My sessions don’t consist of endless talks, we are direct, open, and honest with each other. When a transformation happens it’s basically there forever. It literally means a marked change in the form, nature, and appearance etcetera from where you were before the breakthrough.

My integrity and honesty are my virtues and I will recommend someone else who could be of better help to you.

Let’s set up a phone call to talk about what you want to accomplish.


I view obstacles as opportunities for growth and collective problem-solving and encourage others to do the same.


Gidget Mau-Asam
M: 06 48 978 308


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